Homemade – Free essay

Whether it’s scrambled eggs on toast, a few slices of gently crumbed bread drenched in creamy amasi or an oxtail curry that’s been tended over hours, the activity of cooking is performed in different forms.
What happens in the kitchen – both what we eat and how it is prepared and served – tells a story. If indeed we are what we eat, then what we cook is the foundation of this identity. 
This anthology is about all the different stories that are told in our kitchens. For in there, we aren’t just creating meals, but also ourselves. We learn about giving thanks and declining politely; about how much is too much; and about the activities such as kneading bread that are a balm to our souls.

Over a feast of 21 stories, you will read about life lessons learnt from what happens, or doesn’t happen in the kitchen.

The essays are accompanied with 30 recipes shared by some of the writers. You can learn a particular families take on classics such as beans curry, uphuthu nemfino, chicken a la king, mutton curry, dhall and samp. Then add some possible new dishes like a broccoli, bacon and raisin salad or herby plant-based cheese or a zucchini snack dish into your culinary repertoire. 

Read a sample of the book below: